Blue Burr

Blue Burr


Equip yourself with the essence of nature with this uniquely designed piece. This particular item encompasses soft colours of Blue Lace Agate stone and white toned glass beads. The centre piece of this design embodies a limited and eloquent Antler Burr. This piece is unique by nature and is more uncommon than our other antler pieces.


This specific piece is 24cm including the central Antler Burr which, in itself, is 4cm in length. ‘Blue Burr’ is apart of the Burr collection and is inspired the energy of the sky and atmosphere.


    Some items may not be exactly as seen in the photo as they are all completely unique in their character and design. Colours, pattern and shape on the antler/wood/stones may vary. This will allow you to own a one of a kind piece that can never be recreated.


    Please keep all your pieces in a clean, dry place. Remove jewellery before showering, bathing, swimming or sleeping. Polish with a polishing cloth. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners, cosmetics or perfumes. Your piece is delicate and has been handcrafted, please look after with care.


    I am always happy to help you out with anything that I can so if you need anything please contact me.