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Home is where our story begins… After spending time exploring the world and her creativity, Sarah – the creator and designer at Dear May Designs – started a new chapter back in her home town of Woodford, Queensland. She has spent her entire life with a deep connection to nature, influencing the creativity that has always been a part of her. Woodford is well known for its folksy and country feel with its annual Folk Festival, heritage buildings and therapeutic country landscapes.

With new chapters come new reputations, and Sarah has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and work with local business to source, showcase and sell her designs and products. Dear May Designs has become an established name within the local and expanding community.

Designing each piece by her imagination, each creation is selected, cut, carved, polished and assembled by her hands personally. Due to the nature of the materials used, each piece is 100% unique, allowing her customers to each own beautiful treasures that no one else can ever replicate.

Besotted with nature, all her materials are sourced ethically. The deer antlers are sourced from deer farms around the nation.  Fallow deer antlers have been sourced from Tasmania, while the Red Deer and Rusa antlers have been sourced from various rural properties in Queensland. Each year antlers are regrown and shed in an annual process called shedding. Antlers are grown predominately as objects of sexual attraction between the animals or as weapons to be used by males in fights. This natural process of shedding can take two – three weeks to occur, where antlers can then be collected off the ground.

The timber Sarah sources for her jewellery has been obtained locally from businesses in Maleny, while timber used in the chopping boards has been attained from various local businesses. . Many hands have supported this incredible businesses’ development and success. Although the beads are not made by hand, they are purchased primarily from local Australian businesses. The Australian Performance Leather is sourced from Packer Leather in Narangba. This company produces the high-quality material that is used on a variety of Dear May Design products.  

While it is hard to control the waste that comes from other businesses, any excess packaging is recycled sustainably or put to use elsewhere within Sarah’s home. Dear May Designs is proud to be apart of the War on Waste movement to reduce plastic pollution across the globe. All packaging from Dear May Designs is Zero Waste, with no plastic being used in the process of creating or the transporting of goods from business headquarters, to your home. Dear May Designs wants to be a business that runs and lives less out of habit, and more out of intent.

Dear May Designs believes in natures energy, in its spirit, quality and individualism. Sarah believes that her designs allow for her customers to express their individuality with down-to-earth items. She attributes each pieces beauty to its unrefined, deep connection with the earth and loves to spread rough, rustic and folksy décor and accessories throughout the world. All of Sarah’s creations at Dear May Designs have the capacity for self-expression as she specialises in customising unique, specific designs. If you have any special requests please contact her directly.

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