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Antler Point Pizza Cutter

Antler Point Pizza Cutter


Every object you own should tell a story about you and the world you want to live in. Invite the natural world into your kitchen and dining room with this unique piece of equipment. Antler Point Pizza Cutter is crafted from Stainless Steel and is ornamented with Deer Antler point handles, which naturally come in different shapes, colours and patterns.  The rustic furnishings on this piece ensures that no design can be identical.


This specific item is approximately 27cm in length including an 100mm Diameter pizza wheel blade. ‘Antler Point Pizza Cutter’ is a part of the Homewares Collection and is hand-made and polished to bring out its natural traits and individuality.


    Please keep all of your pieces in a clean, dry place. Polish with a polishing cloth. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners or prolonged water exposure. Your piece is delicate and has been handcrafted, please look after with care.


    I am always happy to help you out with anything that I can so if you need anything please contact me.

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